Hello World!

Hi, I am Jayvon Khuth, a web developer who loves enhancing their skills in software development, and hopes to one day make a huge & long lasting impact

About Me

  • I'm a 18 year old web developer from Stockton, CA
  • I strive to become a full stack developer, however with my current skills I am more confident with front end development.
  • My tools of choice are:
    • JavaScript
    • React/Next.JS
    • Tailwind CSS
    • VS Code
  • Outside of coding, I love having challenging hobbies, for example I'm currently trying to get back into skateboarding

Current Project

What Am I Currently Working On?

Strike Showdown

Currently I am a team lead, guiding 2 other web developers to create a fullstack application aimed at the audience of bowlers, called "Strike Showdown"



Contact Me

Feel free contact me through email/number or through socials